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I leave a white border around the image on the prints and then tear the paper at the border


The prints are “floated” in the mat, with torn edges exposed, giving emphasis that these are

original works on paper.

Image sizes are approximate due to cropping, format and that sort of thing, but will be very

close to what is described. Paper sizes listed may be off just a fraction since each sheet is

individually hand torn.

All the images in this Gallery are sold as archival ink jet prints on museum quality paper, the

same medium I currently use for all my exhibition work. Prices listed are for matted prints.

Mats are most usually off white in color (if another color is used, it will be noted).

Prices include shipping and handling.  Please allow around 3 weeks for delivery.

Feel free to contact me at focus@josephshieldsphotography.com

I work with a master printer and offer my photographs in very limited, signed editions and

each in one size only.  Many of the images you see in the Gallery have been exhibited and

included in the permanent collections of museums and cultural institutions across the

country and around the world.

Thanks so much for your interest in my work.

Joseph Shields

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